How it's done

Using the golden ratio measurements of the face are taken using a capilar. Marking is done and the shape of the brows are drawn on.


Step #1


The Measurements are confirmed with an app ensuring the brows are symmetrical.

The Measurements Are Double Checked

Step #2

Permanent make up. Cosmetologist applyin

Your brows are created with a hand-held tool that is made up needles in a blade formation. The hair like strokes are drawn into the surface of the dermal layer of the skin.


Step #3


You will enjoy beautifully shaped fuller more symmetrical brows the day of your appointment. A slight healing process will occur over 4-6 weeks following the treatment. A perfection treatment is highly recommended after 4-6 weeks for the best long term healed results.

The Results

Step #4

Microblading Services

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