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Microblading and the Golden Ratio

Based on facial morphology and the golden proportion (phi 1.618), Microblading is a service in which a certified and trained technician creates brows with a hand-held tool by marking where hair would ideally be. Pigment is applied manually in the surface layer of the dermis. The pigment is selected based on the natural color of the eyebrows and hair. Symmetry is calculated with a golden mean caliper and checked again with the Phibrows app to ensure the perfect shape for your face.

How it's done

Step #1


Using the golden ratio measurements of the face are taken using a capilar. Marking is done and the shape of the brows are drawn on.


Step #2

The Measurements Are Double Checked

The Measurements are confirmed with an app ensuring the brows are symmetrical.

Permanent make up. Cosmetologist applyin

Step #3


Your brows are created with a hand-held tool that is made up needles in a blade formation. The hair like strokes are drawn into the surface of the dermal layer of the skin.


Step #4

The Results

You will enjoy beautifully shaped fuller more symmetrical brows the day of your appointment. A slight healing process will occur over 4-6 weeks following the treatment. A perfection treatment is highly recommended after 4-6 weeks for the best long term healed results.

Microblading Services




(SESSION 1) $600


(SESSION 2)  $100

The perfection treatment is a highly recommended touch-up to achieve optimal healed results. This treatment is performed 6 -10 weeks after your first appointment and is booked in advance when your first session is booked.


$ 200

After 10 weeks following the first treatment and up to 6 months following your previous session.



Returning guests receive annual maintenance pricing after 6 months from the perfection treatment and beyond. New clients may also receive the annual maintenance price pending the approval of the artist after a consultation.

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