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Katelyn Mayers


“ I am so excited to offer specialty services like microblading that are trending in other parts of the world and larger cities to Ann Arbor.

Ann Arbor is continuing to grow and rapidly becoming a bustling mini-metropolis. I love my hometown!”


Training and Experience

Katelyn kicked off her beauty career in 2004 graduating from Ann Arbor’s Huron Valley Beauty Academy. Shortly after working locally doing hair she relocated to Orlando to begin studying advanced courses in makeup artistry and special effects. One of her first gigs after becoming certified was with Universal Studios Orlando creating magical creatures with special effects makeup as well as on set for film, television, and local theatre.


While working in Chicago as a freelance MUA for musicians and educating the transgender community on DIY makeup Katelyn decided to add yet another skill to her ever-growing beauty tool kit. Eyelash Extensions! In 2008 she gained certification as a lash artist and continued to work on mastering the skill in various salons in the city. After spending a better part of almost a decade in Chicago Katelyn married the love of her life and decided to seek gold out west. 


The lure of the beauty business in Los Angeles was undeniable and something she could no longer put off. "Making up celebrities on set and helping people get glam for award shows was no longer a dream but, a reality after moving there. Working with actors, tv/film stars in the LA, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills community was a highlight in my career for sure." She also worked in a fabulous little lash and makeup studio in West Hollywood, Makeup Mandy.


Katelyn decided after some time out west to move back to Ann Arbor, Mi with her husband to start a family. "At the time it was a hard decision to make as our careers were just ramping up but, we really wanted a family and thought LA was not for us midwesterners. We didn't have any family out there and wanted our kids to know their grandparents." After taking a few months off as a new Mom she went back to work part-time at Ann Arbor local favorite beauty boutique and spa Lily Grace Cosmetics. At Lily Grace, Katelyn continued working and training with different artists from different brands as a MUA as well as continuing practicing hair, lashes, and brows in the spa. Popularity in Microblading was growing in the States and Katelyn jumped in head first to add another esthetic skill to her already many acquired over the years.


Katelyn trained in Microblading with PhiBrows under Kler Rosenberg. PhiBrows (the original and first course created in the PhiAcademy) has set the highest quality standards in the industry. Which means their training process is very thorough and rigorous. The students that train at the PhiAcademy live course go through 2 long intensive days of training; after completing the live training they go on to work on completing 11 levels mastering different techniques of the microblading process. After the levels are completed, and a student has passed, they train as an artist through the craftmaster program for 6 months of continued support from their master and the academy.


Katelyn, worked hard and completed all the levels in just over 2 months in the craftmaster program and continues to study to this day and remains active in the microblading community as a certified PhiBrows Artist.

In the fall of 2018, Katelyn added Permanent Makeup to the services being offered at Highbrow & Rouge. Katelyn trained under Master Nhung Phan. Nhung travels all over the world training the most talented artists in the PMU industry. After completing training with Nhung in advanced Permanent Makeup techniques Dazzle Brows/Ombrè Powder Brows, Luscious Lips, and Luminous Eyeliner she gained certifiation as a micropigmentation artist. Katelyn is constantly growing, learning more advanced techniques and continues to strive to be the best artist she can be. She has goals to continue her studies in advanced PMU with hopes of adding areola restoration. 


"I think this little beauty studio has big potential. I feel like a new mom again with my business baby."

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